Cheney supports Bush for president

Vice President Cheney on Tuesday said he would "probably" support Jeb Bush for president. He quickly added, however, that he wasn't endorsing anyone.

Vice President Cheney yesterday said he would probably support Bush for president.

No, not that Bush. During a wide-ranging discussion on Neil Cavuto's FOX News program, the newly-talkative former veep said he liked George's brother.

"I like Jeb," he told Cavuto. "I think he’s a good man. I’d like to see him continue to say involved politically."

"For president?" Cavuto asked.

"I’d probably support him for president," he responded, quickly noting that he wasn't endorsing anyone.


When asking for Cheney's opinion on the future of the Republican party, he mentioned that Bush (Jeb) had said recently that the GOP had to look forward instead of focusing on the Reagan era.

Cheney didn't dispute Bush's claim but said the Reagan legacy is important because it "understood that the engine that drives the American economy is the private sector."

"Exactly the opposite of the kind of policies we see coming out of the administration today when we’re experiencing a vast - a proposal for a vast increase in the power of the government over the private sector," he said.


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