Robert Gibbs -- the PC guy?

Separated at birth? White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and the "I'm a PC guy" actor John Hodgman kinda resemble each other. We demand an investigation!

It's an age-old trick. Put out the news that you want to bury as late as you can on a Friday.

Even though it may be hard to believe, reporters do have personal lives and they want to enjoy the weekend. Not to mention average people tune out on Saturday and Sunday -- especially in the warmer months.

In this fine tradition, the White House plans to release the results of the Air Force One photo-op investigation later today. President Obama's Press Secretary Robert Gibbs just announced the details are on their way.

While watching the briefing, we overheard a comment on Twitter that deserves an investigation as well.

"Is it me, or does Robert Gibbs look like "PC Guy" from the Apple commercials?"

The PC guy is actor John Hodgman. Here's a couple videos. Decide for yourself. TIP: Play them at the same time for maximum effect. (Oh yeah, don't forget to follow us on Twitter).

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