White House won't release Air Force One photos

If President Obama has his way, official photos of the ill-advised Air Force One fly-by will not be released.

It's almost easier to believe that Godzilla swooped down on New York City last week than Air Force One.

But here it is, more than a week after the $328,000 photo op, and still it's hard to understand how someone could think it was a good idea.

Tappity tap

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was wearing his tap dance shoes today when asked about a report in the New York Post that the White House wasn't going to release photos from the much-maligned mission.

Why release 'em? After all, Gibbs said, the networks had plenty of footage from the event.

"I've watched CNN and didn't notice a lack of archival material from that flight," he said.

"I don't know where they are," he slowly added.

When asked if he would "try to get an answer" as to why the the White House wouldn't release the photos, he acquiesced.

"Sure," he nodded.


Who could blame the White House for wanting to keep the photos under wraps?

The White House was hammered last week by the press and upset citizens for the ill-advised mission. Equally as stunning was the news that federal officials had demanded — under the penalty of sanctions — that state and local governments in New York provide no advance warning to the public.

The only reason the incident left the front page was because of Joe Biden’s disastrous flu advice. Maybe it was a brilliant PR move. And people thought it was just another Biden gaffe...

Other photos

Regardless, it may seem odd to some that photos of a non-attack be covered up but photos that some believe could very well endanger the country be released for all to see.

These are photos the Pentagon is releasing that reportedly document the abuse of military detainees in US-military run prisons in Iraq and elsewhere. The White House refused to appeal a court ruling ordering the administration to release the photos.

But this causes great concern to many on Capitol Hill including the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence committee.

“I don’t think there’s any question it would endanger all of us, because I think it will enhance recruitment for all kinds of terrorists willing to come after us,” Sen. Kit Bond said on Fox News.


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