Specter the Defector to appear on two enchanting Sunday shows

Senator Arlen Specter will appear on Meet the Press and Face the Nation tomorrow morning to discuss his decision to change party affiliation. Vice President Joe Biden is not scheduled on any of the programs to discuss the flu.

How's Arlen Specter feeling about things?

If you listen to him, just ducky. Everything's good in the world.

Same goes for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He all but quoted Ozzy Osbourne on Friday when he said the Pennsylvania senator's decision to switch parties simply meant, "He's just come home."


That doesn't mean his homecoming isn't without problems. And it will be the job of David Gregory and Bob Schieffer to get past all the spin and probe as Meet the Press and Face the Nation secured the most wanted guest of the week.

They'll certainly talk about Specter's disillusionment with the Republican Party leading to his decision to bail. That's one way to put it, anyway.

They could also bring up that polls showed Specter had zero chance of winning in next year's Republican primary thereby ending his political career.

Or they could just ask him what's enchanted him the most with being a United States Senator.


Regardless, Republicans aren't thrilled with the prospects of the upcoming filibuster-proof senate despite the game face of their de facto leaders.

"This is ultimately good," proclaimed Rush Limbaugh. "You’re weeding out people who aren’t really Republicans." The talk show host went on to suggest that Specter take John McCain and daughter Meghan with him.

The other de facto leader of the Republican party -- Michael Steele -- agreed with the first de facto leader.

"Rush is right," Steele said on CBS's Early Show. "I'm sorry, I'm not weeping here."

Specter's decision was a "cold, crass political calculation by a senator who could not get reelected through a nominating process in the Republican Party," he said.


If you're a Democrat, you like him more now. But there are limits. Like that deal Harry Reid gave Specter for changing party affiliation: you switch teams, you keep your seniority.

The never-introverted senior senator from Maryland told The Hill that this deal doesn't work for her.

"I won't be happy if I don't get to chair something because of Arlen Specter," Barbara Milkulski said.

Not to worry said colleague Tom Harkin of Iowa. They don't have to move aside telling Politico, "It doesn’t work that way."


Rather than face a revolt, Reid caved and is now letting the Democratic caucus decide what to do with Specter's seniority.

“We’re going to do as we do every new Congress and pass an organizational resolution that will determine where everybody stands and that will give him an opportunity to find out who his pals are in the Senate,” Reid said at a National Journal breakfast.


Can't get enough flu coverage? Every morning show tomorrow will have a discussion on the issue with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and newly-minted Health and Human Services Secretary Kathy Sebelius appearing on the programs.

You can also receive the latest flu information from the president on his new Twitter feed.

No word if Vice President Biden will also make a guest appearance to discuss more flu tips.


We'll respect your seniority no matter what -- especially if you follow us on Twitter!

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