Pelosi now giving advice to Republican Party

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi keeps 'em laughing during a news conference about the Obama administrations first 100 days on Wednesday.

Who would have thought Nancy Pelosi was so bipartisan?

The Speaker of the House is now dispensing advice to the Republican Party. Sure, it sounds a little bit like Terry Francona giving Joe Girardi some tips. But in the spirit of post-partisanship, we're sure she's just trying to help.

And who could argue that the GOP doesn't need some help?

Take back

Regardless, at press conference earlier today Pelosi offered some strategic counsel for her Republican friends saying that the "radical right-wing element" of the party needs to be exorcised.

"I say to Republicans in America: Take back your party. The party of protecting the environment. The party of individual rights. The party of fairness. This is not the Grand Old Party," she said.

And she believes we need one? Yes!

"Our country needs a strong, diverse Republican Party," she said.

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid quickly brought her back to sanity, offering "not too strong."

100 days

By the way, how does Pelosi grade President Obama's first 100 days?

"I'd definitely give the president an 'A'," she said. But if it were graded on a curve, she said she'd give him an A++++.


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