Biden to speak at three graduations - probably won't ad-lib much

Although it will be difficult to top Thornton Mellon's inspirational commencement address, Vice President Biden will have three opportunities this Spring to inspire college students. Biden will speak at the graduation ceremonies at Syracuse, Wake Forest, and the Air Force Academy.

He's probably not going to give as stirring of a commencement address as Thornton Mellon did in the American masterpiece, "Back to School," but Joe Biden is usually good for a quote. Especially if he starts ad-libbing it.

Not quite to the level of Rod Blagojevich or Sarah Palin -- both of whom are golden when speaking extemporaneously. But Biden is really, really close.

Three schools

And with the announcement today that he'll be giving the commencement speeches at three universities, there's a better than average chance that the White House press office might have to issue a clarifying statement or two.

Biden's office announced this afternoon he will be speaking at Syracuse University on Sunday, May 10, Wake Forest University on Monday, May 18, and the United States Air Force Academy on Wednesday, May 27.


As for the Wake Forest visit, the Charlotte News & Observer reports that the White House is giving North Carolina a lot of attention.

"This will be Biden’s third appearance in North Carolina in recent weeks," they write. "He also met with troops at Fort Bragg last week and was in Eastern North Carolina the week before unveiling new rural programs."


As for the speech at the Air Force Academy, the Denver Post notes that Biden is definitely a change of pace from the past few commencement speakers.

The commencement address at the academy was delivered by President George W. Bush in 2008, Defense Secretary Robert Gates in 2007, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in 2006 and Vice President Dick Cheney in 2005.


What might Biden say? Well, FOX News posted an article this morning entitled, "Biden's list of political blunders." It's an abridged list as it only documents his major gaffes since he joined the Obama ticket in August.

Before supporters start crying foul, this type of documentation is common during any administration. The last president was the target of many such "top ten lists". And of course, Vice President Dan Quayle defined the genre.


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