Blagojevich to appear on reality TV show in jungle (with court approval)


Some things are just too good to be true.

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich might be dumped into a Costa Rican jungle as part of a reality TV show called, "I'm a celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!"

The impeached ex-governor appeared in a Chicago courthouse today and pleaded not guilty to 16 charges of criminal corruption including racketeering conspiracy and wire fraud.

During the proceedings, he asked if he could travel if his bond was increased. CBS2 in Chicago is reporting that the possibility of appearing on the reality show is why he asked the question.

Too far fetched? NBC released a statement confirming their interest in Blago.

"Based on the hit U.K. reality show, "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" is a groundbreaking live series event premiering June 1 and stripped over four weeks in June. Ten celebrities of various backgrounds will be dropped into the heart of the Costa Rican jungle to face challenges designed to test their skills in adapting to the wilderness and to raise money for their favorite charities. Rod Blagojevich will be a participant on the show pending the court's approval.

The Associated Press reports that an attorney close to his legal defense says ... Blagojevich wants permission to leave the country to appear on [the reality show].

It gets better. WGN reports that figure skater Nancy Kerrigan could be one of his opponents.


By the way, to read about the circus following today's court appearance, click here.


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