Obama's Easter egg roll -- the most exciting one ever


Who needs an Xbox or a Wii?

Nothing gets kids more excited than putting a hard boiled egg on the ground and rolling it with a spoon. Olympic exhibition sport 2012? Likely.

The annual White House Easter egg roll is back and, just like Bruce Willis, with a vengeance.

The egg roll, the largest event held on the White House grounds, kicked off this morning on the South Lawn. Sadly, other games dating from the late 1800s are no longer continued -- like "egg ball," "egg picking," and egg croquet." (All of these games were played way back when.)


Despite the absence of these events, President Obama seemed upbeat when welcoming the crowd to his first ever egg roll.

"This is one of the greatest White House traditions because it reminds us that this is the people's house," he said. "And to see so many children out here having a great time just fills Michelle and myself and the entire family with a whole lot of joy."

A whole lot of activities for the kids too -- like yoga, dancing, story telling, Easter egg decorating, basketball, and soccer, the first lady announced. That suited everyone fine but one attendee.

Sasha Obama, standing with her mother the first lady, wasn't satisfied with those. So she audibly offered tennis as an option.

"We don't have tennis; it's on the tennis court," Michelle Obama said to Sasha (and the entire crowd).

"The peanut gallery back there," she laughed.

What he did?

The president went on to read a book to kids (Where the Wild Things Are) and officiated an Egg Roll race. No big deal except it was the race where daughters Malia and Sasha were participating. So not only did they have home court advantage but the ref was their Dad.

For football fans, this would be like having Ed Hochuli officiate a game for the Denver Broncos.

Despite this advantage, it is reported that the two girls played "at a pace that let other kids come in first."


The president played his favorite sport, too. Over at the basketball station, the president was witnessed taking three shots but only sinking one of them.

Perhaps wanting to up his average, the president picked up a child and wowed the crowd with a slam dunk. Er... the president picked up a child who was holding a ball and allowed the kid to place it through the hoop.


Every attendee received a goodie-bag of stuff, including a wooden Easter egg that was not made out of nuclear waste. Click here to see it.

By the way, the new White House puppy did not make an appearance on the South Lawn. Bo, not named after Joe Biden's son, will be formally introduced to the world tomorrow. Click here to learn more about him.

The first ever?

By the way, the White House -- in their quest to be the first to do everything -- announced this would be the first time in history the Easter Egg Roll and related Easter activities would be webcast live on the White House web site.

That's almost true if you don't count the numerous times that PresidentsClinton and George W. Bush did it.

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