White House unveils recyclable egg

White House photo
The White House on Thursday unveiled the official 2009 Easter Egg which is purported to be much more environmentally friendly than past Easter Eggs.

You see? Look what happens when President Obama overturned the federal funding ban on stem cell research...

Actually, this is about Easter eggs. Not embryos or anything.

With the annual Easter Egg Roll coming up Monday, the White House today unveiled the official White House Egg. Like every year's Official Egg, it's made of wood. But this one is more environmentally friendly.

For example, it uses 31 percent less paperboard than the one from 2008. And it eliminates the need for the paper shred/filler.

Also, the White House said it features an "egg-shaped dye cut instead of a cellophane window" – which is great if we knew what it meant.

And to give the wooden egg some color, they used renewable, vegetable oil-based inks. Prior ones undoubtedly used lead-based arsenic paint probably made from nuclear waste and ground-up dolphins.

Regardless, if you want one, you can buy them here for only $7.00 a pop. Or you can get all four for the low, low price of $25.00.

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