Yawn. New anti-Limbaugh billboard unveiled in Florida

The new anti-Rush Limbaugh billboard was rolled out today in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Is Michael Steele advising the DNC on the side?

Because whoever is still pushing the Rush Limbaugh line over at the Democratic National Committee doesn't get it.

The whole Limbaugh gimmick went stale weeks ago when the DNC announced the remarkably uncreative slogan for a billboard meant to razz the talk show host.

While it lasted

Sure, the "Rush is the de facto leader of the Republican party" circus was effective for awhile. Effective in a double-edged sword kinda way.

On the one hand, Rahm's strategy completely frazzled the GOP rendering the party ridiculous for what seemed like an eternity. But on the other hand, it gave Mr. Limbaugh millions of new listeners.

That's called a push. And when you get one of those, smart people walk away and go on to the next thing.

But the DNC is push-ing. Apparently trying to milk a cow with a turnip.

Roll out

The new billboard was rolled out today in Limbaugh's hometown of West Palm Beach, Florida. And yes, the remarkably uncreative slogan appears on both sides of the illuminated billboard.  (see video below).

"America didn't vote for a Rush to failure" announces the sign complete with Limbaugh's likeness and cigar to boot.

Apparently the plan is to have a driver, well, drive the billboard around town for a couple days. After that? The whole remarkable event is over.


By the way, it is causing a stir reports the Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

"You get two scenarios: A honk with a thumbs up or a honk with a middle finger," said Zeb Williams, co-owner of the billboard company. "We left at 7 a.m. yesterday and we got our first middle finger at 7:15."


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