Poor Sarah Palin and her junior varsity staff

According to unnamed Washington strategists, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is receiving horrible guidance. They apparently prefer for the good old days when Washington insiders were running things -- like the 2008 presidential campaign.

Good news. Washington experts want to help Sarah Palin!

An article in the Politico yesterday quoted some unnamed Republican strategists in DC who are dissatisfied with the guidance that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is receiving. They say mistake after mistake has been made since the defeat of the McCain-Palin ticket last November.

The source of the problem? She's surrounded by a bunch of people who don't know which way is up. You know, the Alaskans instead of inside-the-beltway geniuses.

“These people are amateurs," the disgruntled Republican sniffed. "Palin is now a national figure and she can’t afford to have a junior varsity staff."

Right. Why would she surround herself with people who helped her topple an incumbent governor during the Republican primary two and a half years ago, then best a popular former two-time governor in the general election to become the youngest governor in the history of the state, not to mention the first female to have the job.

Then, despite her JV staff, Palin rose quickly in Republican circles -- so high that John McCain deemed her the second best Republican in all the land.

That's when, as you recall, the real pros took over. The varsity.

And guess what? The varsity is still out there. And the good news is there's plenty to choose from as most of them no longer have jobs.

She could take her pick from the strategists who ran the 2008 Republican campaign or the many top-guns who helped 52 Republican representatives and 14 Republican senators all find other jobs outside of government in the last two years.

Politico quotes another unnamed but really smart Republican as saying, “It has been painful to watch the staff handling of her since the election. There is small margin of error at this point.”

Another good point. Most Republicans will say that the 2008 election wasn't painful at all to watch. Like the unpainful decision to strategically hide Sarah Palin for the first three weeks so she could re-debut with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric.

Or the painless strategy to suspend the campaign. Or the enjoyable aftermath that resulted from McCain stiffing David Letterman. Better yet: the delightful -- even pleasurable -- decision to make Joe the Plumber the centerpiece of the ticket.

Oh yeah, and the margin of error during the last 60 days of a presidential campaign isn't nearly as critical as it is now -- 44 months before the next election. If it is slim now, they proved it was humongous then.

Regardless, many will agree with the unnamed Republican strategists. And they're not just the jobless GOP insiders, but in true post-partisan spirit, many Democrats will be on board too.

Bring on the varsity.


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