President Barack Obama just says no to legalization of marijuana today in his first Internet town hall meeting.

Legalize pot? Obama just says no to marijuana - Twitterers upset

Hey man...

Should the U.S. legalize pot as a way to grow jobs and stimulate the economy?

That was the top question asked today by visitors to the White House web site. There was speculation whether the president would take it or not

The answer is: Yes! (Not legalizing marijuana but if he took the question).


"I don't know what this says about the online audience," the president said to much laughter.

"But, no, I don't think that is a good strategy to grow the economy."

Mixed response

The audience in the East Room applauded the president's answer.

How did those on Twitter respond? Some of the immediate Tweets seem to indicate disappointment.

frekur: Honestly? Obama is disappointing ... me right now. Made a joke out of marijuana, and dismissed entirely universal healthcare.

meshaq: Obama just turned the #marijuana question, and the online community, into a joke. Not the right answer, Sir.

suitablegirl: RT @Nextgov: "So it's official: Obama is not going to legalize marijuana to save the economy. I bet half the people watching just tuned out"


There were at least a couple Twitterers that weren't entirely disappointed.

Potlitics: On the bright side, Obama could have ignored the #marijuana questions. He definitely just injected the subject into the political debate.

bturk: Note to Obama: If you legalize marijuana then everyone will forget how bad the economy/housing/taxes/banking is under your control.


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