Obama's Valentine dinner - IHOP? Denny's? Applebees?

No, President Obama did not take First Lady Michelle to CVS pharmacy for Valentine's Dinner. The Obamas enjoyed their evening meal at Table 52 - an upscale eatery located on Chicago's Gold Coast.

You might think with these tough economic times, the First Couple might have had Valentine's dinner at IHOP or maybe even Denny's. They could have ordered the Moons Over My Hammy dish in honor of the Republican governor from Florida who endorsed the president's economic stimulus plan.

But there are some days where you just don't skimp. Valentine's falls under that category.

Nice place

So President Obama took Michelle (who will be on the March issue of Vogue magazine) to Table 52, a hoighty-toighty restaurant on Chicago's Gold Coast.

The eatery, owned by Oprah Winfrey's former chef, has been lauded in the Chicago press.

"[The chef] and his staff exude Southern charm . . . and the hospitality here — from the moment you enter till the time to leave — is as thick as the Spanish moss on the oak trees in Savannah," writes the Chicago Sun Times. "And it is sincere, a pleasant graciousness without fault or faux."

That means they must have perfected the art of hanging tractor parts on the walls.

Double date?

Some of our more right-leaning readers, as evidenced by the comments on yesterday's Blagojevich story, would undoubtedly think the First Couple hosted the Blagos for dinner.

But, the First Couple enjoyed a quiet night to themselves. Well, patrons reportedly erupted in applause upon their arrival.


No word on what the Obamas had for dinner either except the Chicago Tribune writes that the menu "features decadent southern fare such as pan-seared catfish, low-country shrimp with stone-ground grits and buttermilk fried chicken. Red velvet cake was the dessert special Saturday evening."

You can check out the restaurant here. But these silly guys forgot to put the prices on the menu! Makes it difficult to know whether you should super-size the dish or not.

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