Don't tell anyone, but Obama hits his head on helicopter

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    President Barack Obama waves and learns the door on Marine One is much shorter than he is, and bumps his head slightly as he leaves for a trip to Andrews Air Force Base, Md. and then onto Elkhart, Ind. to hold a town hall meeting on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan. (But we're not reporting this).
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In the midst of a pending catastrophic catastrophe (if the stimulus bill isn't signed immediately), it is important to focus on real news.

Superfluous news just isn't news. If it's not serious, it shouldn't be reported on - much less discussed. Ever.

Like when we reported this or this or this.

You responded with, "Don't you have anything better to do?"

Or, "Slow news day, huh?"

And, "You're ruining the paper!"

Obama hit his head

So we're not going to tell you that President Obama hit his head yesterday while boarding Marine One.

Nor are we going to include the video (below) which includes a frame-by-frame analysis of the mishap.


We haven't heard if Obama suffered a bruise as a result of the blunder. Nor do we know if the helicopter sustained any damage.

And if we did know, we wouldn't tell you because it's not real news.

We want to hear, did we miss an angle we should have covered? Should we come back to this topic? Or just give us a rating for this story. We want to hear from you.