Obama's had enough - takes helicopter and leaves White House

Jason Reed/REUTERS
U.S President Barack Obama walks with first lady Michelle, their daughter Sasha and an unidentified friend of Sasha's to Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington on Saturday. The Obamas are spending their first night at the Camp David Presidential retreat in Maryland on Saturday.

After two and a half weeks, President Obama has had enough. He's leaving. Well, for 24 hours anyway.

He's starting to fit into this presidency thing.

He spent last week signing bills, talking about his priority, blasting the other party for holding him up, cringing over a "screw-up", going to a performance at the Kennedy Center, and doing his weekly radio address.

Great, terrible

And the pundits have been doing what the pundits do.

Some say he's had a great week, if not legendary (Rachel Maddow). Others say the wheels are falling off and he's doing irreparable damage to the country (Laura Ingraham). Polls, by the way show that the American people are still supportive.


Before he continues to be legendary or further damage the country though, he's taking a break. He's doing what presidents have done since the days of FDR.

President Obama, First Lady Michelle, daughter Sasha, and an unknown but presumably non-hostile friend of Sasha's were seen boarding Marine One (the presidential helicopter) this afternoon around 3:45pm.

Their destination? Camp David. The presidential retreat. It was called the USS Shangri-la originally, but President Eisenhower renamed it after his grandson Camp David.

Brief remarks

The president gave a short speech on his way out.

"Nice day," he said.

No word yet on a Republican response to the president's statement.

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