Back to work for Jill Biden (she was offered other jobs too)

Remember the dust-up a little over a week ago when Dr. Jill Biden told Oprah that her husband could have had either the secretary of state job or the vice president position?

Well now maybe they can go back on her show and the vice president can talk about her new job.

Back to school

She's back to work. They've moved in to the Naval Observatory (which is now viewable on Google Earth) and she's started teaching again.

We've seen the vice president at work so far and he's doing a great job of administering oaths of office. Well, except that one time where he told a joke at the expense of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Obama got mad at him.

Outside of that...

English prof

Now his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, is back at the office too. She's accepted a job at Northern Virginia Community College as an English professor.

"I am thrilled to return to the classroom to continue working with community college students, whom I greatly admire and enjoy teaching," Biden said in a statement. "I have always believed in the power of community colleges to endow students with critical life skills, and I am pleased that I can make a difference by doing what I love to do, teaching people who are excited to learn."


Some academic snobs may snoot, "Community college?"

While it is true that there are prestigious universities in the DC area, it turns out Dr. Biden's dissertation was on retaining students in community colleges.

And with 43 percent of college freshman beginning their collegiate experience at community colleges, Dr. Biden is a great advocate for the institutions.

"She feels passionately about community colleges," Biden spokesperson Courtney O'Donnell told the Washington Post.

Other jobs

Oh yeah, by the way, the vice president could actually go on Oprah and say she was offered more than one job and it wouldn't have created a firestorm (like when she said it).

She was offered teaching jobs at other colleges in the DC area as well.

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