Yet another Inauguration controversy?

The U.S. presidential inauguration scene, where Barack Obama (L) took the Oath of Office as the 44th U.S. President with his wife Michelle by his side at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, is replicated in this display at Legoland in Carlsbad, California in this handout released January 26, 2009. The inauguration scene was updated by master model builders at the family theme park, with changes made to first lady Michelle Obama to show her in yellow as a more accurate replication of what she wore on Inauguration Day on January 20.

Well, if the oath of office snafu and the Milli Vanilli-like "live" musical performance wasn't enough, now there's another controversy over the Inauguration.

Luckily, this one, however, was in Legoland.

Plastic ceremony

We told you last week about the plastic version of the Inauguration that took place in Legoland, California. The theme park put together an elaborate display of the new president's Inauguration complete with one thousand spectators, motorcade, porta-potties, and a hilarious Lego-blocked version of Aretha Franklin (sans hat).

They were apparently predicting that First Lady Michelle Obama would wear a red dress, perhaps based on her apparel from election night. They also had her behind her husband instead of standing next to him. And there was no Bible in the first go-around.


With all of these huge inaccuracies, what else could they do? They did it over (just like the real oath of office).

The newly garbed First Lady is now properly dressed in yellow and she is in the correct position. We note an apparent Bible in version number two.

What about...

There are still a few glaring mistakes, however.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is shown standing (instead of in a wheelchair) and the Lego version of former President George H.W. Bush is shown sleeping when actually it was Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (at least in the photo we showed you yesterday).

No word on whether the plastic Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman "lip" synced their performances.

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