What's Obama going to talk about Tuesday?

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Ready for Tuesday's big speech?

Some, as we told you earlier, aren't going to watch because they think our country is turning in to Turkmenistan. But for the others out there, Barack Obama's inaugural speech on January 20 may just drive a little interest.


What's he talking about? Well, we don't have a pirated copy of the upcoming speech. But his advisers were on the Sunday morning news programs today and provided a little insight.

No surprises said senior advisor David Axelrod. It'll be what you heard during the campaign (except with fewer mentions of John McCain, we're guessing).


"I don't think you're going to be surprised by what you hear," Axelrod told ABC's George Stephanopoulos. "I think he's going to talk about where we are as a country but also who we are as a people and what responsibilities accrue to us as a result of that, and what we have to do to move forward".

When asked if he expected the speech to be a "great" one, he wouldn't engage. (After all the Obama folks don't want to raise expectations!).

"I'm not going to handicap whether it's going to be a great speech, a good speech, but ... I have confidence in the message that he wants to deliver and I don't think you'll be surprised by it."

Rahm Emanuel

Well, that didn't tell us much.

Incoming chief of staff Rahm Emanuel did have a bit more to offer. He was on NBC's "Meet the Press" this morning and threw out the "responsibility" theme as well.

"What you will hear is a time and a place in which we all have an era of responsibility, that too long there's been a culture of anything goes," he said. "To do what we need to do as a country, to regain America's greatness and continue to move forward and be an example around the world, we need that culture of responsibility not just to be asked of the American people, but that its leaders must also lead by example".

Robert Gibbs

Everyone's on message this morning.

Incoming press secretary Robert Gibbs said the same thing. He was on FOX News Sunday and told Chris Wallace that the themes of the speech will "be heavily infused with this notion of responsibility and getting our country back on track".

"We need more responsibility and accountability, certainly in the way our government acts," Gibbs said. "We have to have it, certainly within many of our financial institutions that sort of have gotten us to where we are in this economic crisis today".

But it's not only government and business that's going to have to straighten up. Gibbs said the American people are going to have to step it up too.

"Obviously, the American people are all going to have to give some," he said. "What's important, though, is ensuring that those that have had the short end of the stick for the last few years — make sure that they get the help that they need, that this administration begins to create the jobs and give some financial stability to families so that they can feel hopeful about going forward."

Give some?

What exactly did he mean by "the American people are all going to have to give some"? A Joe Biden "be patriotic" tax increase? We don't know....

Obama will give his inaugural address shortly after being sworn in on Tuesday. There are rumors that the speech will be broadcast on TV.


What's with that photo, anyway? Barack Obama has already been sworn-in in Legoland. Click here to find out more.

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