Just in time for the Inauguration - an all-Obama TV channel

Jake Turcotte

Hey, Obama fans.... Imagine a world where you can watch Barack Obama all the time.

You know, just like the NFL Network (well, without football or Rich Eisen). But you get the concept -- all Obama, all the time.


Now, it's not like The Office where a video camera would follow the soon-to-be president around all day. Although that would be a ratings winner.

Instead, Comcast is offering up an all-Obama channel in their "on-demand" service. You'll find a lot there. Everything from his keynote at the Democratic National Convention back in 2004 to his historic victory speech in Chicago in November. You'll also be able to watch his Inaugural address and plenty of other noteworthy Obama speeches. A tour of the White House and a history of Air Force one are included as well.


Great news, right? Well, not everyone is thrilled with the news.

PJ Gladnick, over at Newsbusters, sneers, "One wonders if the Rod Blagojevich wiretap tapes will be included in the broadcasts."

While a poster over at a site which calls itself "Americans for Legal Immigrations" laments, "This is so far beyond insane, ludicrous, inane, ridiculous and a few other choice descriptives. What is next. Will we be forced to worship at his altar where he will sacrifice conservatives and Independents who never supported him?"


We went to the Presidential Inaugural Committee's web site and checked. And we could not find any plan which would include throwing conservatives into a volcano.

After all, the president-elect had dinner with a bunch of conservatives the other night. And as far as we can tell, they're still living.

Wait, there's more

By the way, if you're on the road and don't have a TV installed in your dash yet, Sirius XM radio is offering Obama packages as well. In fact, they have opened up 17 channels of all Obama coverage.

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