McCain won't comment on Palin (Meghan McCain that is)

Jake Turcotte

What's the easiest way to make news? Just say you won't comment on it. It'll get printed for sure.

Our favorite is when someone says "I'm not commenting on that" and then starts commenting on it. Most professional athletes follow this strategy.

Palin? No comment

But that didn't happen with Senator John McCain's daughter on Monday. When she said she wouldn't comment, she meant it. But then the interviewer didn't seem to push her either.

Why is this news? Why else? It's about Sarah Palin.

Here's the scoop.... The guys over at MondayMorningClacker (a site we're big fans of) sat down and spoke with Ms. McCain - not surprisingly - on Monday.

They talked about a lot of stuff. Her campaign blog, the campaign trail, the New York Times, Dita Von Teese (the former Mrs. Marilyn Manson), swimming, high heels, and her love for bikers.

Usually chatty

But, as we found out throughout the campaign, that's what you get with Meghan. She's blunt. She's talkative. She's fun. She'll give you an opinion on anything.

But it's the one thing she wouldn't talk about that have bloggers all agog - Sarah Palin.

“Sarah Palin is the only part of the campaign that I won’t comment on publicly," she said.

Aw, come on!


She's talked about her before. Right after her Dad head-faked everyone and selected the previously unknown governor, Meghan gushed about her.

"I am incredibly inspired by my dad's selection of Governor Palin as the first woman Vice Presidential candidate of the Republican Party. This is a great moment for young women everywhere who can look to her as a role model. As I was standing on stage, I found myself getting emotional about today's historic event and the evolution in the role of women as leaders in politics. I couldn't be more proud of my father!"

Larry King

Back in September, Meghan told Larry King (video below) that Palin was not only "very chill" but considered her a role model.

"She's very smart," McCain said.  "She's very, very, very shrewd - very smart.  I've heard her talk about issues."

What's it mean?

So what are the tea leaves here? Who knows. But there are plenty of those in the blogosphere with opinions.

Wonkette, for example, has some choice words for Meghan and the campaign. They say that Meghan refuses to accept that it was her father - not Palin - who was responsible for the failed campaign.

Not good

WomenOntheWeb has a more toned down reaction although they believe the reason she's not talking isn't good.

"Well, that just means we’ll have to imagine what she thinks — and we imagine it’s not very flattering!" they say.

Maybe she'll say something in the future. Her site is still up, although it doesn't get updated as much anymore. And there's a nice family photo of the McCains in Fiji.

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