Sunday morning show lineup

Jake Turcotte / AP photo / DC Comics

Looking to get your political fill before the big events of the day?  (Of course talking about the Eagles - Giants game  and the Steelers - Chargers game).

Then this morning's news programs should provide a way to mark time until these critical playoff battles.  (For the record, we think we'll see a Pennsylvania sweep).

And the guests on the shows - as Larry David would say - are "pretty good".   Prettaaaaay, prettaaaaay, pretty good.

And the winner is

Who wins?

Gotta give it to FOX scoring a double-double.  FOX News Sunday snagged the latest presidential father and son duo.  President George W. Bush and former President George H.W. Bush will appear.

ABC This Week gets a close second place by having incoming president-elect Barack Obama on the program. (Our scoring is kinda like the BCS.  But in short, two presidents beat out one president).

Third place goes to CNN's Late Edition by having a vice president on the show.  Dick Cheney will talk to Wolf.  And having the Speaker of the House isn't too shabby either.  Nancy Pelosi appears.

CBS and NBC tie for fourth (or would it be fifth?).

NBC has an interesting lineup.  Bill Cosby will be on Meet the Press.  Cosby is a great guest.

While audiences turning in to CBS's Face the Nation will see Illinois Sen.-designate Roland Burris.

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