Ex-Senator Larry Craig gives up appeal of bathroom sting

Former U.S. Senator Larry Craig has dropped a legal challenge to his 2007 arrest for "lewd conduct" in a Minneapolis airport bathroom.

Craig had been observed by an undercover officer tapping his foot in what was said to be a special code indicating he was soliciting sex.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct and mailed in a fine. It all stayed under the radar until about four weeks later when Roll Call broke the story -- after which late-night comedians wouldn't leave the story alone.

Not guilty

Craig changed his mind about the guilt and asked that the plea be withdrawn. But the District Court judge wasn’t buying it and denied the request.

Craig said he was disappointed with the decision, stating, "“I maintain my innocence, and currently my attorneys and I are reviewing the decision and looking into the possibility of appealing."

It's over

That possibility isn't going to happen.

Today was the last day that Craig could ask the Minnesota Supreme Court to review the earlier lower court decision that went against him. Craig's attorney, Tom Kelly, said today they've put up the white flag.

"We've concluded that the Supreme Court would not accept this for review," Kelly said. "It would be a futile exercise."


So what's next for the ex-Senator?

According to the Idaho Statesman, he's going into consulting-land.

Craig said he has formed a consulting company and will work with a group in Washington, D.C., on issues including endangered species, clean water, and clean air -- "all those things that are going to be good for our future and Idaho's future," he said.

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