Michigan Congressman calls it quits - unless he changes his mind again

Jake Turcotte

Michigan Congressman Pete Hoekstra is deciding to term limit himself.  Sure it's six years after he promised to leave Congress, but what's six years between friends?

Hoekstra, a Republican and the ranking minority member of the House Intelligence Committee, spoke at a senior center this morning and made the announcement.

"My wife Diane and I have decided we have had a wonderful opportunity to serve West Michigan for 18 years, but in 2010 we are going to take a look at what other doors may open for us," he said, according to the Grand Haven Tribune.

What I meant was...

The Congressman had pledged back in 1992 - when first elected - that he would only serve 12 years because he supported term limits.  But then he changed his mind.

“When you make a mistake, I think it is important to say you were wrong,” he said at the time according to the Detroit Free Press.

More power

What's next for Hoekstra?  How about more politics - as in the head honcho of the state?

Governor Jennifer Granholm's term is expiring and she doesn't have the option of changing her mind - short of staging a military coup.  You'll remember Granholm was Joe Biden's sparring partner for the vice presidential debate.

He's absolutely interested.  He told the Detroit News that the current governor isn't doing enough and he could be the guy to turn things around.

"Given the leadership in Lansing and the national economic climate, I don't think the state is going to be in much better shape in 2010 than it is today," he said. "This is an underperforming state. We can do a whole lot better than we are, even in a difficult climate."

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