Watching the election online - where to go?

Jake Turcotte

As you prepare for Election Night 2008, there are a few Web sites you might want to bookmark to watch the action unfold.


YouTube has teamed up with PBS, and they're asking you to send in video clips documenting your voting experience. Whether there is excitement happening at your polling place, voting machines gone haywire, intimidation issues, or whatever your experience is -- they want the video.

They'll sort through the videos they deem best and put them online throughout the day.  Some will be a part of PBS's election night coverage.

The current playlist shows there are 23 videos dealing with problems at polling sites, six videos documenting registration problems, and seven videos on alleged voter intimidation.

Web 2.0

Want a one-stop shop for all things politics? The Washington Post teamed up with SocialMedian to provide political content from blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Digg, and other social media sites.


Want real-time results? There are many different sites out there promising to deliver that. We liked The flash-based site will provide continuous live results for every state in a very user-friendly environment.

Blab away

When logging on to, the first thing you see is a giant "Vent Here" banner. That's what you do on the web site -- vent about your candidate, your opinion and whatever political thing you want to talk about.

Although their moniker is "A Community for Political News and Civilized Debate" -- we noticed it was getting pretty hot on some of the forums. Imagine that.


Want some laughs? So do we. You can't beat The Onion's "War for the White House".

Current headlines include:

Fleet Of Stem-Cell Container Trucks Ready To Go If Obama Elected
Unlicensed Plumber and Tax-Evader Endorses McCain
Bush: 'Can I Stop Being President Now?'

Tina Fey and Sarah Palin

Did you miss Saturday Night Live's two-hour election feature last night? No problem. The SNL site has all of the election videos online as well as games, e-cards and interactive tools ready to be enjoyed.

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