Turn out the lights - Pennsylvania goes to Obama

Jake Turcotte

This was John McCain's key state.

The path to 270 electoral votes went straight through Pennsylvania. It was a must-have.

You'll remember McCain campaign manager Rick Davis talking about Pennsylvania two nights ago.

"If Barack Obama hasn’t closed the deal with them after two years in the campaign and a year as the nominee of their party, maybe they’re holding out for a good reason,” he said following a campaign rally. “Now, maybe they just decided not to vote and they don’t want to say that because everyone they know is voting. So we’ll see. If we see the vote drop below 130 million, you’ll know they didn’t show up. If it goes over you’ll know they came out. I think that’s a good chance for us to win."

MSNBC's Chris Matthews put it as blunt as you could.

"The John McCain plan for victory has crashed,'' said Matthews.

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