Palin votes in Alaska - doesn't reveal if she voted for Stevens

Jake Turcotte

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin cast her vote early this morning in chilly Wasilla, Alaska, where the temperature was hovering in the low teens.

Arm-in-arm with husband Todd, Palin told reporters after casting her vote that she was ready to begin working tomorrow if elected.

"Now tomorrow, I hope, I pray, I believe that I’ll be able to wake up as Vice President-elect, and be able to get to work in a transition mode with the President-elect, John McCain, so anxious to get to work for the American people," she told reporters after casting her vote.

"We have a very optimistic, very confident view of what's going to happen today. So glad to get to be home in Wasilla, to cast this vote, because forever I’m gonna be Sarah from Alaska, and it’s an honor to get to be here with my friends and family," she added.

Ted Stevens

Palin was not only casting a vote in the presidential contest but for U.S. Senate, where Senator Ted Stevens, recently convicted of seven felonies, is up for re-election.

Did Palin for vote for him? We'll never know.

"I am also exercising my right to privacy and I don’t have to tell anybody who I vote for, nobody does, and that's really cool about America also," she told reporters.

History making

As for the significance of the 2008 election, Palin said no matter who wins it means progress for the country.

"I do recognize this is an historical event ... barriers of course being removed and glass ceilings being shattered, again, as the representation on both tickets will show," she said.

Mocha moose

Fittingly, Palin visited a local coffee shop called the Mocha Moose after voting and was asked about her political future if she wasn't triumphant tonight.

"You know if there is a role in national politics it won’t be so much partisan,” she said. “My efforts have always been here in the state of Alaska to get everybody to unite and work together to progress this state. It certainly would be a uniter type of role."

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