As Obama, McCain battle - Joe the Plumber plans next move

Jake Turcotte

Plumbing, schlumbing....

Joe the Plumber's got big plans.  And it's got nothing to do with his trusty plunger.  In fact, he just may throw his plunger out the window.

The plumber, made famous after questioning Barack Obama's tax plans, seems intent on extending his 15 minutes of fame well past Tuesday's election.

While Barack Obama and John McCain criss-cross in last ditch pleas for votes, Wurzelbacher (his real last name) is focused on his own future.

Places to go...

It seems he's got a book deal and he launches a new web site tomorrow.  As for the talk about becoming a country western singer?  Well that'll have to wait a bit.

Wurzelbacher told FOX News this morning that he's working with a writer for his upcoming book and already has the title selected:  Joe the Plumber -- Fighting for the American Dream.

And this isn't a fluff book, Wurzelbacher explained.  The book about American values will be top drawer.

"Everyone came at me to write a book. They had dollar signs in their eyes. '101 Things Joe the Plumber Knows' or [something] stupid like that. Excuse me, I am sorry," he said. "You know I will get behind something solid, but I won't get behind fluff. I won't cash in, and when people do read the book they will figure out that I didn't cash in. At least I hope they figure that out."

New web site

As for the web site, he's launching tomorrow.  It's a charity site.  He hasn't figured out the fundraising part of it yet (perhaps he could ask Barack Obama for tips), but he knows he wants to help people.

He told of a phone call he received from a 72-year old man (not McCain) named Robert who lost his retirement income in the economic meltdown.

"He calls me up and says, 'What do I do now, Joe?'", Wurzelbacher explained.  "I don't have that answer and I thought I better get that answer."

"It's people serving people in this country.  It's not the government trying to help you, they always screw it up," he added.

New Garth Brooks

As for his country music career?

Wurzelbacher dismissed the thought.  "People pay me to shut up, they don't pay me to sing," he said.

People pay him to shut up?

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