Hey - it's 30 minutes nonstop of Barack Obama tonight!

Jake Turcotte

Not getting enough politics? You're not alone. Who has?

Thankfully tonight at 8 p.m. (EDT) Barack Obama will be on every TV channel there is. And for a full 30 minutes.

Obama's infomercial

Tonight's the night Barack Obama goes the way of Richard Simmons, Matthew Lesko, and Miss Cleo. He's doing an infomercial.

Actually, he won't be everywhere. It may seem like it. He's bought up the 8 - 8:30 p.m. time slot on CBS, NBC, FOX, and the Spanish speaking network Univision.

It would be easy to make some lame McCain's-out-of-money joke like: to counterprogram Obama's monstrous network TV grab, John McCain will run a 30-second ad on an AM polka radio station in Zanesville, Ohio.

But that would be immature.


Obama's infomercial is not on ABC because apparently when the original deal was being put together the network didn't want to move its TV show "Pushing Daisies." This show is about a piemaker gifted with the mysterious ability to bring dead things back to life.

Perhaps the McCain campaign should appear on this show.

McCain ad

Actually, the Republican nominee has launched a TV ad that, will be seen by no one cause they're out of money according to the McCain people, will alert voters to what Obama won't be discussing tonight. It's kind of the inside scoop. The tell-all.  We attached the commercial below.

World Series delay?

And you have to credit the McCain campaign team. Trying to press a hot button, in announcing their new ad they claim that Obama's infomerical is "delaying the World Series."

McCain himself jumped on that yesterday stating, "No one will delay the World Series game with an infomercial when I'm president."

It's America's pastime. How could an INFOMERCIAL preempt the World Series? With all the back and forth about anti-American views, preempting the World Series in the minds of some could be borderline.

No delay

Actually, it isn't getting delayed.

Ben Smith over at Politico cleared that up yesterday. He spoke to the Fox account executive who is now rich set up the deal.

"Our first pitch for the world series is usually around 8:30 anyway – so we didn’t push back the game, it was really just about suspending the pre-game -- you know, Joe Buck," said the account executive, Joe Coppola. "That’s all we did."

Oh. Preempting Joe Buck. That's actually an improvement.

If the Rays win tonight, perhaps they can give Obama 30 minutes on the house to preempt him again on Friday. Just sayin'.

McCain ad

Back to the McCain ad: The campaign press release tells us that "Barack Obama will not tell Americans how his proposals to increase spending and increase taxes will only further hurt our economy. With crises at home and abroad, Barack Obama does not have the experience America needs, and we cannot afford inexperienced leadership at this time."

They say his ad will be run on national broadcast channels.

Obama's message

What will Obama be talking about tonight anyway?

ABC's George Stephanopolous spoke to some people who know some people who know other people who say Obama will lead off the show and conclude the program discussing his agenda.

What's in between?

"However the rest of the time you might see other people, like a Warren Buffett or a Colin Powell, and other people the Obama campaign calls 'validators' to give testimony on why Americans should vote for Obama," writes Stephanopolous.

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