Palin appears on Saturday Night Live -- no, the real Palin

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She can take a joke.

The writers of Saturday Night Live didn't pull any punches just because Sarah Palin was appearing on the show. They kept it up. Had they done otherwise, the show would have tanked. Instead, it was very funny.

And it looked like the much-lampooned Republican nominee for vice president had a good time.

Palin press conference

The opening skit had Tina Fey playing Palin in an imaginary press conference where she attempted to compliment her running mate's more aggressive third debate performance by saying the cooler Obama "made John McCain sound like a garbage truck unloading trash at a landfill."

After identifying New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, and California as un-American states (in reference to Palin's actual remarks that she prefered pro-America parts of the country), the fake Palin stopped the press conference in order to "entertain everybody by showin' off some fancy pageant walkin'.

In the meantime, the real Sarah Palin was shown watching Fey's depiction of her on a monitor in the lobby with SNL producer Lorne Michaels.

Alec Baldwin

Enter frequent GOP critic and perennial host Alec Baldwin. Talking to Michaels and "mistakingly" believing that Fey was by his side (not Palin), Baldwin lambasted the Alaska governor, feigning his disapproval that Michaels would actually allow Palin to appear on the show.

"This is our most important election in history and you want her -- our Tina -- to go out there and stand with that horrible woman. What do you have to say for yourself?" he asked Michaels.

"Alec, this is Governor Palin," Michaels responded.

Pausing, Baldwin turned to Palin and said, "I see. Uh..... forgive me, but I feel I must say this. You are way hotter in person.  Seriously, I can't believe they let her -- play YOU," he said with outstretched arms expressing his admiration for her.

"And I must say that your brother Steven is my favorite Baldwin brother," she countered, mentioning the outspoken conservative member of the Baldwin family.

Dancing eskimos

Palin also appeared on the set for the mock news program "Weekend Update." Feigning reluctance to participate in a musical skit because it may "cross the lines," SNL regular Amy Poehler stepped in to perform a Palin rap.

Proehler was joined by a dancing Todd Palin impersonator (clad in snowmobile apparel), two dancing Eskimos, and a giant Disney-like moose who was gunned down repeatedly by Poehler.

The lyrics? Straight from the headlines.

I’m Jeremiah Wright cause tonight I’m the preacha
I got a bookish look and you’re all hot for teacha
Todd lookin fine on his snow machine
So hot boy gonna need a go between
In Wasilla we just chill baby chilla
But when I see oil let's drill baby drilla

Hey, it's Joe the Plumber

Even McCain-Palin's new best friend -- Joe Wurzelbacher -- was mentioned. They saved the chorus for him.

"All the mavericks in the house put your hands up. All the plumbers in the house pull your pants up," Poehler rapped.

Watch the Palin press conference here.

Watch Weekend Update here.

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