Palin offers up "First Dude" to save Michigan

Amid the flurry of emails from both campaigns accusing each other of lying at Thursday night's vice presidential debate, Republican nominee Sarah Palin proved today that at least one thing she said was, in fact, true.

When discussing differences between she and McCain Thursday night she said, "Of course we're not going to agree a 100 percent on everything."

Maverick VS Maverick

As almost if to prove her point, she went out Friday morning and promptly disagreed with her running mate.

Not that it was anything that big.  It wasn't like she announced that she was having lunch with the Castro brothers at Arby's.

But she did disagree with the McCain campaign's decision to give up on the State of Michigan.   She thinks campaign offices and staff should remain in the state and - in a conversation with FOX News - offered up the "First Dude" to help out.

"Todd and I, we'd be happy to get to Michigan," she said.  "We'd be so happy to speak to the people there in Michigan who are hurting," she said. "Whatever Todd and I can do in realizing what their challenges in that state are .... I wanna get back to Michigan and I want to try."

Blabbing away

The other interesting thing about this morning was Palin was actually talking to the press.  In fact, she said she wants to talk to the press more often.

"I look forward to speaking to the media more and more everyday and providing whatever access the media would want," she said.

What about the McCain handlers who put her in the cone of silence?  Not true, said Palin.

"Well I beg to differ with the notion that I was reined in in any way, but if there was any of that, it's over," she said.

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