McCain uses Hillary in new ad. Will Obama use Romney?

Jake Turcotte

Early this morning (interestingly at 3 am), the McCain campaign launched a second ad using another Democrat's words against Barack Obama. First, it was Obama's new running mate, Joe Biden, and now it's Hillary Clinton.

The new ad, entitled "Passed Over," has clips of former presidential rival Senator Hillary Clinton raising concerns about Barack Obama.

"She won millions of votes, but isn't on his ticket," the hushed announcer says almost painfully. "Why? For speaking the truth on his plans."

Tried and true

The formula is like the first one: Use the words of Obama's former rivals against him. Yesterday it was a clip from Biden saying he would stand by his statement that Obama wasn't ready for the job. That clip wasn't from yesterday's Obama-Biden rally, of course. It was from August, 2007, when they were competing for the same job.

Today's commercial (see video below) shows Hillary Clinton in full campaign mode, questioning the specifics of Obama's proposals, controversies, and negative campaigning tactics. Clinton was doing exactly what candidates do during the primary election.

Strategically, GOP strategist Todd Harris says, it's a smart ad:

The McCain team is trying to drive the wedge even deeper between Obama and disaffected Hillary supporters. This is a not-so-subtle reminder and suggestion for them that their candidate -- Hillary -- and therefore by extension themselves, have not been welcomed into the Obama tent.

This is just the beginning. No doubt, when John McCain selects his running mate, we'll see the same thing. Let's say McCain chooses former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

We can make a draft campaign ad right now.  We'll call it:

"Romney: McCain will destroy America"

The ad begins with dark and ominous music. Perhaps an eerie distorted piano.

Distressed and hushed announcer:

"What does Republican Mitt Romney think of John McCain's energy plan? It's disturbing..."

Romney clip (from January 27, 2008):

"His [McCain's] plan calls for a new financial burden to be placed on people who are purchasing gasoline, or for that matter, natural gas to heat their homes or to cook in their homes."

More distressed and more hushed announcer:

"As for McCain's economic policies, Romney says McCain is a total failure."

Romney clip (from December 22, 2007):

"He voted against the Bush tax cuts - twice. That's failing Reagan 101."

Even more distressed (perhaps hysterical) announcer:

"He even thinks that the State of Michigan is a total lost cause and should be given back to France."

Romney clip (from January 10, 2008):

"I know that there are some people who think, as Sen. McCain did, he said, you know, some jobs are leaving Michigan and they're not coming back. I disagree."

Very concerned announcer:

 "If Mitt Romney is worried that John McCain will hike your energy bills, oppose everything that Ronald Reagan stood for, and will start giving away states to foreign countries - shouldn't you be worried too?"

72 days to go and counting...

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