Joe Biden - breakfast. Barack Obama - tax cuts

Welcome to wacky Wednesday morning. It's hard work staking out a Senator's house, watching every move, waiting for him to board a plane to Illinois. But that's where we find the story this morning. Reporters are camped outside Senator Biden's house watching for tell-tale signs that he's Barack Obama's huckleberry.

It's the political paparazzi. Joe Biden though, not one to haul off and roundhouse kick a reporter, instead delivered coffee and bagels. Sean Penn - pay attention.

A reporter from ABC News, a recipient of the fly-by breakfast, reported diligently on the pertinent exchange:

"...when he [Biden] pulled back into his driveway at 9:15am he had made a pit stop at the local Brew Ha Ha Espresso Cafe and Newsstand and Cafe.
"As he rolled into his driveway he stopped his pickup and, without saying anything more than, "Hi" and "Nice talking to you," to waiting reporters, he handed a brew box of coffee and a dozen bagels out the window."

To some pundits, a dozen bagels is the key. Vice President. 13 characters. A baker's dozen? 13.

Well, now that this mystery is solved, we'll move on to Barack Obama's latest ad.

This one is called "Three Times." Unfortunately it is not entitled "Knock Three Times" which could mean an appearance by Tony Orlando and Dawn - something many pundits are saying both campaigns need a lot more of.

Instead of the power trio from the 70s, we hear from another hushed announcer contrasting John McCain's tax plans versus Barack Obama's tax plans (according to the Obama campaign).

Hushed announcer: "John McCain's tax plan. For corporations - $200 billion in new tax breaks. Oil companies - $4 billion. Companies shifting jobs overseas keep their tax giveaways while 100 million Americans get no tax relief at all."

Then the music gets light and the hushed announcer no longer sounds so distressed.

"For the change we need, Barack Obama," says the now-happy ad voice, "a plan that cuts taxes on middle class families three times as much as John McCain would."

Here's the video.

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