"The Taxman Cometh" according to new McCain spot

Although everything may be happy and loving tonight with Rick Warren, the two campaigns are beating the heck out of each other on paid TV.

The latest jab? A cleverly named spot by the McCain camp called, "The Taxman Cometh."

Negative? Probably depends on who you ask. Obama supporter - yes. McCain supporter - no. It's the same old thing.

The language is pretty strong, predicting that an Obama presidency would mean "economic disaster." Armaggedon isn't being predicted, however. No discussion of locusts - yet. Perhaps those topics are in the can.

The script is standard fare. To get a job doing political 'voicers,' you just need to have a forceful "hush." Practice at home. Perhaps it's a new career.

Let's review the script.

Female (hushed voice): Celebrity? Yes. Ready to lead? No. Obama's new taxes could break your family's budget.

More hushness: "The press warns the taxman cometh. Obama's taxes mean higher prices at the pump. Obama's taxes, a recipe for economic disaster."

An ominous doom sound effect followed by the hushed announcer: "Higher prices, higher taxes, economic disaster. That's the real Obama."

How will the economy fare under McCain? According to Obama's campaign, absolute doom. We reviewed that spot a couple days ago.

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