New positive Obama ad for the Olympics

The ad is positive. It goes nationwide. And it starts up on Monday.

With Obama's vacation nearing an end, the campaign has announced a new positive ad focusing, as the Obama folks tell us, on the Senator's plan to "stand up for the middle class."

The title of the spot carries a nice Brady Bunch feel to it: Three Bedroom Ranch. Although, I believe there were four bedrooms in the Brady household (one for Alice) and in latter day installments five bedrooms because Greg had the groovy attic. Then he started calling his Dad "Mike" and then everything fell apart.

Regardless, this spot opens with a pleasing piano and a hushed announcer says, "It begins with a plan. A plan to build. A plan to put hard working Americans first."

“He’ll put the middle class ahead of Corporate Interests to grow the economy. End tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. Help businesses that create jobs here. Invest in education. Cut taxes for working families. And make energy independence an urgent national priority.”

The happy ad will run during the Olympics.

Prefer the more hard-hitting ads? You're in luck.

If you reside in one of the battleground states, a more ominous ad entitled "Books" is on display.

This ad ties McCain to his voting record (in accord with President Bush), the costs of the Iraq war, a poor performing economy and a really terrible looking tie.

The tie selection itself could cost the Republican four to five points.

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