Michael Bloomberg's Political Future?

Kristin Callahan/Ace Photos/NEWSCOM
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he is not interested in being the "Secretary for Greenhouse Gas Reductions."

New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg is arguably the nation’s most visible city CEO. But, does he have a political future as a running mate, a Treasury Secretary, or even someone who endorses a candidate?

It’s a subject that fascinates Gotham’s reporters. And, on Thursday, Bloomberg looked everyone in the eye and said, “What political future?”

Well, on Wednesday he had conversations with Sen. John McCain, whom he describes as an old friend, and Sen. Barack Obama whom he describes as a new friend. He also played phone tag with Ralph Nader.

What did the mayor discuss with the three major presidential candidates? That’s private information, he told the media. But, he quickly added, “I won’t be the choice of Vice President for any of the candidates.”

Okay, then how about Treasury Secretary, a reporter asked, noting that one of the Mayor’s top political aides, has suggested the billionaire mayor would be a good Secretary of Money.

“That’s not a job I would be considered for,” he answered. “I’m more of a hands-on day-in and day-out” kind of person. That’s what I want to do.”

So, if he doesn’t want to talk about the dollar or saving America’s banks, how about saving the globe by showing the next administration how to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, one of his major projects in New York?

He replied, he would be happy to send his staff over to show the candidates how to get the job done. But, as for becoming the Secretary of Greenhouse Gas Reductions, it sounds as if that’s up to someone else.

“I have 504 days left as mayor, that’s my political future,” he said.

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