It's been an hour. It's time for a new poll.

It's been an hour. It's time for a new poll.

Political junkies, we've got your fix. A brand spanking new poll is out. This is on top, of course, of the daily Gallup poll and the Harris Interactive poll released this morning. It's the Pew Research Center poll.

There should be a poll for most effective polls.

Regardless, Pew is saying it's like Sergio and Padraig at the 16th hole of the PGA Championship. For non-golfers, that means it's a dead-heat (Obama 46 percent - McCain 43 percent.) For golfers, you have to feel for Sergio. Once again a bridesmaid and with Tiger back next year, will he ever win a major?

Back to politics.

Here’s the scorecard:

The base is coming home for McCain. He’s getting the Republicans, white evangelical Protestants, and the white working class voters are coming onboard.

Obama has stalled with 83 percent of Democrats supporting him. That's opposed to 87 percent of Republicans favoring McCain.

Hillary's supporters are not fully aligned with Obama yet. He's got 72 percent of them now. Perhaps with some caressing during the convention, he'll get those numbers up.

McCain on the other hand gets a solid 88 percent of his former GOP opponents’ supporters.

When it comes to a crisis, McCain has the edge. When it comes to new ideas, Obama takes the lead.

Men prefer McCain (49 - 41 percent), and women like Obama (51 - 38 percent).

If only the young voted, McCain would be clobbered. Obama has a 24 percent edge with voters 30 and younger. For the over-50 set, however, McCain has a smaller lead (47 - 42 percent).

The big key continues to be the swing voters, with one in three identifying themselves as having no initial candidate preference or saying they could change their mind.

Here's the full report from full report from Pew.

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