New McCain Ad "Fan Club" Builds on Celebrity

They're putting them out faster than we can blog about them.

First, Obama releases his "McCain is a Celebrity" spot this morning.

Now, McCain releases his second "Obama is a Celebrity" spot this afternoon.

The second ad looks more like a Ronco commercial of the 70s complete with spinning graphics, smarmy announcer and cheesy testimonials.

Not much substance to the ad. There is a five second reference to taxes. But the rest is aimed squarely at defining Obama as a celebrity.

"We know he doesn't have much experience and isn't ready to lead, but that doesn't mean he isn't dreamy," says the announcer.

Followed by one Obama supporter saying, "What I love most about him is he has very soft eyes."

If it only offered a free "pocket fisherman" or "Mr. Microphone" at the end of the ad, it would truly be complete.

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