Obamacare 101: Seven ways you can sign up, despite Web woes

On Oct. 21, President Obama acknowledged the technical problems with the Obamacare website. Although he talked about the importance of fixing it, he also emphasized that Americans have other ways of signing up for insurance. Here are seven options you may want to know about.

2. Get help in person

At HealthCare.gov, you’ll see instructions on getting in-person help from trained “navigators” at places such as a hospital near you. Again, if you try this option, bring information such as about income level and current health insurance.

According to anecdotal evidence from news reports, some people have found this option helpful, but the training of navigators has often been a last-minute scramble. The navigators can provide information and answer questions, but you’ll still need to learn enough to make your own decisions about the coverage options.

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