Are you more (or less) liberal than President Obama? Take our quiz!

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Some Democrats see President Obama’s first term as a string of promises broken by the realities of political office. On the other side, Republicans have labeled Mr. Obama the most radical, liberal president in American history, going so far as to brand him a socialist.

Are you more of a lefty than President Obama? Do his positions contradict your values? Or is the match just right? Take our quiz to find out.

1. Since 2005 America’s dependence on foreign oil has declined, from 60 percent to 49 percent. Most people agree we need to decrease our dependence on foreign oil even further. What’s the best plan to achieve this goal?

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Fossil fuels should be banned or nearly eliminated from America. Everyone should use public transportation or ride bikes.

Energy conservation and technology is key. Auto companies should work to improve solar-powered vehicles. We should work hard to educate the public on ways to reduce their carbon footprint. There is already too much drilling in fragile ecosystems.

America needs more fuel-efficient cars, and we should invest in renewable energy. Wind and solar energy need to become economically feasible alternatives. We should also invest in domestic oil production and nuclear power.

Investing in renewable energy is a good idea, but first we need to focus on domestic oil production. We should increase offshore drilling and finish the Keystone Pipeline as soon as possible.

We should do everything we can to get our hands on all the untapped oil we have, no matter where it is. Renewable energy and environmental protection are things we can worry about later.



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