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4. In December 2011, the last US combat troops left Iraq. Today, a handful of Americans remain as military trainers or civilian contractors, but their number is nowhere close to the 20,000 troops the Pentagon wanted to leave as a hedge against future violence. Was it the right time to pull out of Iraq?

Lucas Jackson / Reuters
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Whether or not the war was necessary, it was time for the troops to come home. Keeping some military officials there to train the Iraqis is a good idea; there needs to be a transitional period.

The country realized the war in Iraq was a mistake years ago. Troops should have been pulled out then.

The withdrawal of troops was too sudden. The Pentagon was right; it would have been wise to keep some combat forces on the ground in case unrest erupts again.

We never should have gotten into that war in the first place, and keeping military trainers there now is wasting money that should be spent on humanitarian aid or domestic concerns.

The mission in Iraq hasn’t been accomplished. The US shouldn’t have withdrawn troops; if anything, another surge was needed.