Are you more (or less) conservative than Mitt Romney? Take our quiz!

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During the primary campaign Mitt Romney struggled to show voters he had the conservative chops to represent the GOP. Now, as the presumptive Republican nominee, has he convinced you he has the right values to represent the party?

Do you still consider yourself more of a hard-line Republican than Romney could ever be? Or are his positions closer to your opinions than you think? Take our quiz to find out.

1. President Obama’s health-care law has been controversial. Republicans, including Mitt Romney, have vowed to repeal it. How do you view health-care reform in this country?

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The health-care system should be entirely private. Those who can afford it will buy insurance, and those who can’t will remain uninsured.

There should be more freedom in the way Americans purchase their insurance. They should be able to buy plans from out of state, or decide what sort of group they will be insured through, such as a church or professional association.

The health-care system needs to be reformed; Obama’s plan was just the wrong one. We should give consumers a tax break if they purchase their own insurance, rather than taking their employers' option. This will make the market more competitive and give consumers more options.

Obama’s plan is a good one. Too many Americans are uninsured; everyone should have to purchase health insurance.

Health care should be entirely free for everyone. The government should be responsible for all costs.



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