Bill Clinton: 5 reasons he is helping Obama

Four years ago, former President Clinton got his knuckles rapped for calling Sen. Barack Obama's presidential aspirations a "fairy tale." Now the 42nd president is appearing on the stump with No. 44. Here are five reasons for Mr. Clinton to go all out for the newest member of the Presidents Club.

3. Help Obama win over key demographics

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    Former President Bill Clinton speaks at a rally for Ohio Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland in Cleveland in 2010.
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Clinton can reach white rural and blue-collar voters in a way that Obama hasn’t been able to, so expect to see the former president acting as a lead surrogate for Obama with those groups. Swing states in the rust belt – such as Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania – could be big on the itinerary.

If not for her current job, Secretary Clinton could also be performing this function. After all, as a presidential candidate in 2008, she did well with those demographics in the rust belt. She’s also effective at reaching out to women. But as secretary of State, she is staying away from partisan politics – not to mention ultra-busy doing her job. She will also not attend the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., in early September.

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