Six reasons so many Republicans are running for president

When all the announcements are in, the Republican presidential field could have close to 20 candidates – and that’s not counting the fringe. We’re talking governors and former governors, senators and former senators, plus a few from outside the political world. It’s shaping up to be the largest GOP field in modern history. What’s going on? Here’s our list of reasons: 

1. No clear front-runner

Nati Harnik/AP
Election buttons of Republicans Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, and Ted Cruz are offered for sale at the Iowa Faith & Freedom 15th Annual Spring Kick Off, in Waukee, Iowa, April 25, 2015.

The Republicans have a habit of nominating the “next in line” – that is, someone who ran before but didn’t quite get the nomination. Think Mitt Romney (ran in 2008, nominated in 2012), John McCain (ran in 2000, nominated in 2008), and Ronald Reagan (ran in 1976, won the nomination and the presidency in 1980).

But this year, there’s no next-in-line candidate poised to clear the field.  

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