Petraeus scandal: Did anything illegal happen? Five questions so far.

An investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation has now called into question the private lives and careers of two of the nation’s top national-security officials. Here is an accounting of what is known so far.

5. Who will replace Petraeus as CIA director?

Dennis C. Enser/Buffalo News/AP/File
In this October 2006 file photo, Michael Morell, Associate Deputy Director of the CIA, meets with the Buffalo News Editorial Board on regional security issues. As soon as news of Petraeus's resignation broke, at the top of the list to replace him as Director of CIA is Morell, whom President Obama quickly named as acting director.

As soon as news of Petraeus’s resignation broke, guessing who will replace him quickly became Washington’s favorite parlor game. At the top of the list is Michael Morell, whom Mr. Obama quickly named as acting director. He has served as deputy director at the agency since 2010 and regularly briefed the president in the run-up to the Osama bin Laden raid. His confirmation would probably garner bipartisan support.

Also in the running is John Brennan, the chief counterterrorism adviser for the White House and a career CIA staffer. Michael Vickers is also said to be under consideration. Profiled in the bestseller “Charlie Wilson’s War,” Mr. Vickers has worked in intelligence – and special operations – for both the CIA and the Defense Department. Rounding out the list is former lawmaker Jane Harman, who was the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee before stepping down to head the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

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