What can Congress do to create jobs? Five Democratic proposals.

Amid fears that the economy may be headed into a second recession, both Republicans and Democrats say creating jobs is their top priority. But the two parties are far apart on their approaches. Here are the Democrats' top five priorities.

2. Extend stimulus spending, lite

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    The first round of federal stimulus in 2009 targeted construction jobs like these in Republic, Mo.
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In sharp contrast with the approach that Democrats took to their first jobs stimulus bill in 2009, some initiatives on the table in 2011 are relatively modest.

Mr. Obama proposes extending elements of his stimulus bill, including a 2 percent temporary payroll tax holiday and extending unemployment insurance.

But liberal Democrats are calling for a program along the lines of the $809 billion stimulus plan that Congress passed in 2009 – only more. Many Democrats still say that their stimulus failed only because it was not robust enough.

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