Political misquotes: The 10 most famous things never actually said

Did Sarah Palin really say that she could see Russia from her house? Did Marie Antoinette really say 'Let them eat cake?' Learn the true story behind 10 of the most widely believed – but completely bogus – quotations misattributed to political figures.

2. "To get rich is glorious." – Deng Xiaoping

China Daily/picture alliance/ANN/Newscom/File

Western journalists in search of a shorthand for China's dramatic economic turnaround will almost invariably trot this one out. But, oddly enough, it doesn't show up much in Chinese publications, and nobody has managed to find the original source where Deng allegedly said it.

The phrase was popularized by the writer Orville Schell in his 1984 book "To Get Rich Is Glorious: China in the '80s." But Schell never actually attributed the words to Deng, telling the L.A. Times's Evelyn Iritani in 2004 that it merely "grew out of the zeitgeist" of China's economic reforms.

That said, it's almost impossible to verify or debunk any quotation attributed to a dead Chinese leader, as China's Communist Party is extraordinarily adept at revising history so that it meets the political needs of the present.

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