Obama on 'The Tonight Show': Six famous presidential TV cameos

Which other sitting presidents have appeared on TV?

George W. Bush on 'Fishing with Roland Martin' in 2004

The Daily Show/screengrab
President Bush jumps at a bite when filming a 2004 episode of 'Fishing with Roland Martin' at a pond on his ranch in Crawford, Tex.

President George W. Bush was on the Outdoor Life Network program "Fishing with Roland Martin," hosted by a professional bass fisherman, recorded at a pond on his ranch at Crawford, Texas.

The President caught a four-pound bass during the April 2004 taping, which aired in August of that year.

The segment was taped as a cease-fire was being negotiated in Iraq after more than a week of fierce fighting in Fallujah, part of a military operation launched in response to the killing of American Blackwater private contractors on March 31.

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