Glenn Beck to birthers: Focus on Communists instead

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck called on birthers to give it up. Beck said there were other things to concentrate on like the appointment of "Communists" to the Obama administration.

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck isn't buying into the birthers argument. In fact, he wants those people concerned with Obama's citizenry to knock it off and start concentrating on real issues -- like the appointment of Communists in the Obama administration.

Although Beck didn't specify who the Communists were on his Tuesday radio show, he warned that if Obama was booted from the Oval Office because of a citizenry problem, mass chaos would result.

"Let's just say it's true -- and I don't think it is," Beck prefaced. "Do you know what it would do to this country? It would absolutely tear this country apart," he said. "Absolutely tear it apart. There would be civil war."

Beck said the "ACORNS of the world" would say it was a "racial thing."

"There are other things you should concentrate on," Beck instructed. "Who cares about the birth certificate thing? The time to do that was during the election."

What to focus on now? The red threat. "He's appointing Communists," Beck said, without offering specifics.

Beck went on to say that no one is enjoying the birth certificate circus more than the president himself. "This is so great for him," he said. "Because it immediately marginalizes anyone who says this kind of stuff. It makes them look like flat-earthers."

Or worse. One of the leaders of the birthers appeared on MSNBC yesterday afternoon. The result? The word trainwreck is kind. Click here to watch it.

"You are never going to get a conspiracy theory to stop," Beck added. "We've got a moon rock sitting in the Smithsonian and people don't [believe it]. You are never going to quell a conspiracy theory."


Hey, if we find out the Moon landing was a hoax -- we'll let you know. So follow us on Twitter!

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