In Palin-Obama sports matchup, White House changes game

At Thursday’s White House briefing, spokesman Robert Gibbs deflected a question about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s statement earlier this week that she could beat the President in a long footrace.

In an interview with Runner’s World Sarah Palin was asked if she could beat the president in a race. She replied, “What I lacked in physical strength or skill I made up for in determination and endurance. So if it were a long race that required a lot of endurance, I'd win.”

Better at basketball?

When first asked about Gov. Palin’s comment, Obama spokesman Gibbs replied, “How's her jump shot?”

The President is a well known basketball fan. It turns out Palin is, as well. She told Runner’s world “ we both love basketball. But look, he towers over me and I wouldn't be complaining about an unfair advantage there, but maybe I'd do better playing H-O-R-S-E with him than one-on-one.”

Gibbs said the outcome of a race would depend on “where they were going to run.”

And he ended by saying he would ask the President “if he's got any free time in his summer to do that."

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