This is a Hollywood Inauguration - Oprah gets bigger cheer than Colin Powell


The jumbotrons are now showing the entrance of the luminaries on the stage - possibly Muhammad Ali, a shot of Dustin Hoffman, the descendants of Martin Luther King, Jr., Dustin Hoffman, ambassadors intercut with shots of Dustin Hoffman - who exactly is being inaugurated here? There's John Cusack too - and more Dustin Hoffman.

Indeed, celebrity is in the air - footage of a motorcade (Biden's) is being liberally intercut with shots of Steven Spielberg and Oprah. This is definitely a Hollywood inauguration, particularly when one adds in Denzel Washington, Bono and all the stars at Sunday's Lincoln Memorial concert.

Now Howard Dean is glad-handing his way through the Marine band - no scream heard - and then a California rogue's gallery of ex-Governor Gray Davis and scandal-plagued LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Quite the event, indeed.

Governor Schwarzenegger got the biggest rise out of any Governor, of course - the whole crowd goes "Arnold!" when he comes on.

Lieberman gets boos as he enters, McCain a faint cheer.

Huge cheer for Colin Powell.

Jay-Z appears to be wearing an entire bear for a hat, while Beyonce and P. Diddy are too cool for school. Oprah got a larger cheer than Colin Powell - the largest yet.

Ted Kennedy was also a fan favorite, with the jumbotrons lingering on him for a long time as he made his way to his seat with the aid of his cane.

Newt Gingrich, however, gets scattered boos - though nothing like the venom Lieberman received.

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